Shane Douglas Doucette

Shane Douglas Doucette, 29 of Charlottetown, was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to having sexual intercourse with a pre-teen on many occasions.

Doucette pleaded guilty to charges of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching on Feb. 5.

Doucette is not related to the victim. He knew the child for some months before the sexual assaults began. He had sexual intercourse with the victim on many occasions over a period that lasted more than a year.

According to statements the victim gave investigators, Doucette threatened to kill the child if anyone found out.

The court heard, the victim felt ashamed for “not having the guts” to end the abuse.

Provincial court Judge Nancy Orr said Doucette shows no sign of understanding the severity of what he did, adding he still poses a significant risk to young people.

P.E.I. courts began stepping up prison terms for sex offenders four years ago. The change came after the P.E.I. Supreme Court noted courts in P.E.I. were lagging behind the rest of Canada.

Orr said prison terms on the Island need to go higher yet, case by case.

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