Ronald Adnum
September 26, 2012
One of three men arrested for taking advantage of an underage girl is on probation for a year.
Ronald Adnum, 28, was originally accused of sexually touching the girl in August 2011, and he pleaded guilty last week to the lesser charge of assault for French kissing her.
Court heard the 12-year-old girl was outraged and kicked Adnum in the groin.
Adnum doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand he was doing anything wrong, his lawyer said.
Adnum was originally charged with sexually touching the girl.
North Bay Police Service learned about the assault while investigating his cousin Steven Robert Brown and another man who were both jailed over the summer for committing sex offences against her.
Court heard she spent time at Brown’s Lakeshore Drive residence last year when the three men took advantage of her at various times.
Brown, 32, was jailed for almost two years and three years of probation after that for having consensual sex with her and making child pornography by exchanging thousands of explicit text messages with her.
She was 11 years old when their relationship started in May 2011 and continued for almost 10 months until the girl’s mother intercepted one of Brown’s texts.
Brown was ordered to register as a sex offender for 20 years
Lucas Robins, 26, was jailed 60 days followed by probation for two years for groping the girl while he stayed at Brown’s residence.
He was ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years.
Both provided a DNA sample to the national DNA databank to assist police investigations.
Court heard the girl’s mother didn’t know what was going on at the residence.
Went to Ecole Secondaire Northern Secondary School
Lives in North Bay, Ontario
From North Bay, Ontario

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