Stephen Petrick QMI Agency via The Whig, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Convicted pedophile Randy Miller will spend the next two years in a federal penitentiary, spend three following years on probation and be subject to several conditions that could ban him from exposure to children for life.

The Napanee man, who once worked as a clown and volunteered for scouting groups, appeared in provincial court in Napanee Thursday to receive a sentence.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty on April 7 to two counts of possession of child pornography, one count of making child pornography available and one count of sexual assault on a minor.

The details of the sexual assault are subject to a publication ban to protect the victim.

Justice Stephen Hunter issued the sentence after receiving a joint submission from Miller’s attorney, Constance Baran-Gerez, and assistant Crown attorney Andrew Scott.

The sentence also subjects Miller to a lifetime of restrictions on being near children, under Section 161 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The provision bans sexual offenders from attending public parks or swimming areas where kids under age 14 can be found, or daycare centres, school grounds, playgrounds and community centres.

Miller’s name will also appear on the federal government’s sexual offenders registry for life and his DNA will remain on police file for life.

Miller sat expressionless through the proceedings, which was attended by four of his family members, five advocates for tougher sentencing for pedophiles, and the victim of his sexual assault.

He entered an enclosed prisoners box in the courtroom in handcuffs and wearing a grey sweater that said, “Buskers.”

Although he didn’t say a word during the proceedings, Baran-Gerez read a statement on his behalf, in which Miller showed remorse.

“I stand here today with deep sorrow,” the statement read. “I hurt a lot of people who trusted me. I am so sorry.”

Miller also apologized to the sexual assault victim, the scouting groups he represented and his family, through the statement.

He also said he suffers from a speech and a mental-health problem, which may be linked to his sexual problems.

“I’m not sure what caused me to have this sexual desire, but I never liked it,” the statement said.

Baran-Gerez revealed some information not heard in court before; that Miller was abused as a child.

She also said there is a “ray of hope,” that Miller will be rehabilitated. The sexual assault he pleaded guilty to in April occurred 15 years ago, she pointed out.

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