Patrick Cayen

Accused of sex offences, former Sarnia fire chief to be sentenced May 150

By Neil Bowen, Sarnia Observer

Former Sarnia fire chief Patrick Cayen

Former Sarnia fire chief Patrick Cayen

Sexual predators must know they will pay a heavy price, said assistant Crown attorney James Boonstra during his sentencing submissions in Sarnia Superior Court.

Cayen’s sentencing was set for May 15.

A publication ban on identifying Cayen as having committed sex offences while a teen was lifted Friday with the agreement of the Crown and defence lawyers.

Evidence in the young offender crimes committed when 56-year-old Cayen was in his mid-teens was heard at the same time as the former Sarnia fire chief’s trial on the adult offences.

The trial ended with in January. On Friday he faced sentencing on 33 convictions, including sexual and indecent assaults.

The young offender crimes involve three elementary-school-aged girls during a span of approximately four years.

Cayen had the girls perform oral sex.

The three described the horrific sexual incidents with such vividness of detail that their testimony was overwhelmingly credible and persuasive, said Justice John Desotti in his January judgment.

The adult crimes involved one young female who was repeatedly subjected to oral sex by Cayen and performing oral sex on him.

In convicting Cayen of the adult offences, Desotti said he rejected Cayen’s denials.

Cayen was charged with offences when it was his duty was to protect lives, making his actions even more repugnant, said Boonstra.

In addition to five to seven years of custody for adult crimes, Boonstra is seeking consecutive sentences of 19 to 23 months for the youth offences. Due to youth crimes being geared to rehabilitation of teens, one-third of the time would be community supervision like probation.

Cayen has been left with the mark of Cain due to the convictions, said defence lawyer Phillip Millar in referring to the destruction of Cayen’s reputation.

Cayen lost his job and declared bankruptcy, said Millar.

While wearing the mark of Cain is a serious consequence, it is of little concern in sentencing, said Desotti.

In victim impact statements presented to the court, a woman said she would carry to her grave the emotional scars created by Cayen’s youth crimes.

As a youngster she was eager to please but intensely confused by Cayen’s demands that led to a cascade of consequences throughout her life, including choosing never to have children.

Cayen destroyed the childhood of the victim of his adult offences who still must sleep with the light on, said the victim’s mother.

“I never harmed a child,” said Cayen when he addressed the court.

Cayen will go to his deathbed maintaining his innocence, said Millar. who is seeking jail time of two to three years.

Cayen was charged in November 2012.

Cayen became Sarnia’s fire chief in October 2005 and began working for the city as deputy chief in 2003.

In January 2013, city officials announced Cayen’s employment had been terminated due to the 2012 charges.

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