CityNews.ca, Staff Reporter – February 21, 2008

His name is Junior Spencer and on Thursday, he took his first steps back into society. But Toronto Police are warning you should keep an eye on him if those steps take him near your kids.

They’ve issued a public safety alert about the 30-year-old, who has just been released after serving time for crimes against young boys. And they believe he could commit more of them.

“He is a significant high risk to re-offend in our opinion and we want to make sure the public is aware that he is out there,” advises Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit Det. Sgt. Gord Whealy.

Police won’t, however, tell the public where he lives.

“We’re not going to release the information about what neighbourhood he’s in. We don’t want to have him pushed out of a neighbourhood, go underground and us not be able to have control of where he is,” Whealy adds.

That has some parents worried.

“It’s an understandable fear but it also puts all the parents in the city at fear, too, because he could be anywhere, right?” asks mom Nerina Chiodo.

Spencer has a long history of harm against youngsters. His convictions include sexual assaults on kids 8-14 years of age and possession of child pornography, going back over a ten year period. Cops say his methods are those of a classic pedophile.

“He’s a groomer,” confirms Whealy. “H e will infiltrate a family so that he can gain access to the children. And he builds a relationship with the family and then offends.”

Cops say he also volunteers frequently with agencies that deal with children, putting him into direct and close contact with them.

Spencer’s release doesn’t come without strings attached. He’s due to be closely monitored by Corrections Canada for the next ten years and has to stay out of trouble if he wants to remain a free man. He’s not supposed to be near anyone under the age of 18.

But spotting him may not be so easy. Cops describe him as a chameleon, who’s capable of easily changing his appearance, prompting the need for a closer watch. While he has to be given a chance to prove he can successfully return to society, if you see Junior Spencer near kids, call police at(416) 808-7474.

You can also contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477)

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