James Cooper

*** Notorious pedophile James Cooper is living in Toronto after being released from prison again ***
** http://www.thespec.com/…/4897838-notorious-hamilton-pedophi… **
The 78-year-old Hamilton man, considered one of the worst sex offenders in Canadian history, has been on statutory release since Sept. 17. He was sentenced to 30 years in 1993 for raping, torturing and beating six children aged seven to 14.
At the time, it was the harshest penalty ever handed down to a child molester in Canada, but it was later reduced on appeal.
Cooper has been out of jail on statutory release numerous times previously. His last release, to a Brantford halfway house in December 2013, was revoked in May because the Parole Board of Canada found he was “engaging in behaviour which strongly suggests a return to predatory behaviour potentially against women and children.”
Despite past issues with his release, legislation makes it automatic for him to go back out into the community after serving two-thirds of his sentence.
However, Correctional Services Canada could have made a recommendation to the parole board that Cooper be detained

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