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*** Heads Up Peterborough *** Former Pastor Clifton Pelley found GUILTY. **…/former-pastor-guilty-of-sexually… **
February 13, 2015
PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — A former pastor was found guilty today of two sex-related charges involving a teenage boy 25 years ago.
Mr. Justice Hugh O’Connell told the court he believed the testimony of the victim, who said Clifton Pelley had taken him into a church office after a trip to the U.S. in 1985 and told him he had the authority of the church and the police to inspect his genitals.
Clifton Pelley told the then-16-year-old that a girl had been impregnated on the trip and he had to look for a distinctive marking on the genitals of the boys of the church. The boy agreed and Pelley carried out the inspection. “I did not find this to be scripted evidence. Rather, I found it to be very telling testimony … very truthful,” O’Connell said. “I completely accept that Mr. Pelley used the ruse” to carry out the abuse. O’Connell cleared Clifton Pelley of three other charges involving a different man who alleged Clifton Pelley drugged him and sexually assaulted him as a teen, saying the second man’s testimony did not lead him to believe in Pelley’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Clifton Pelley remains free on a $50,000 surety and is under house arrest pending his sentencing. He will appear in court March 3 to set a date for sentence. Pelley was accused of three counts of sexual assault and single counts of administering a stupefying drug, administering noxious things, gross indecency, sexual interference, inviting sexual touching and sexual exploitation over a nearly 30-year period. Two alleged victims took to the witness stand during the trial in October. A publication ban prohibits publishing anything that could identify them. A 35-year-old testified to having been sexually assaulted between the ages of 11 and 13, and a 43-year-old testified to have been sexually assaulted when he was 15 and 18. Earlier in the trial, one count of sexual assault and and an inviting sexual touching charge were dropped morning O’Connell ruled he had no jurisdiction, as the incidents were alleged to have happened in the United States.

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Former youth pastor gets 90 days for sexually assaulting teen 7

1297693314801_ORIGINALJason Bain, The Peterborough Examiner

Former youth pastor Clifton Pelley is led from Peterborough Superior Court of Justice after being sentenced on historical sex-related charges on Monday, April 27, 2015. JASON BAIN/Peterborough Examiner/Postmedia Network

A former city youth pastor will serve a 90-day intermittent jail sentence for historical sex-related charges involving a then-teenaged boy.

Clifton Pelley, 49, who was found guilty of sexual assault and gross indecency and not guilty of three other charges Feb. 13, returned to Peterborough Superior Court of Justice Monday afternoon for sentencing by Justice Hugh O’Connell.

O’Connell told Pelley – who was acquitted of sexual assault-related charges in the 1990s when he was represented by Edward Greenspan – that it is difficult to judge these cases.

“I’m hoping you move on with your life and never see the inside of a courtroom again,” he said after noting how he is “perplexed” why these “crimes of opportunity” occurred, particularly given how Pelley himself is a victim of sexual assault at the hand of his father.

The judge noted how the victim stated in his victim impact statement that it’s taken him nearly two decades to develop any sort of relationship with members of the opposite sex and how trying to cope pushed him “to the edge of rational thought” and made him consider suicide.

Pelley’s intermittent sentence amounts to one year in jail when combined with credit he was given for the amount of time he has already spent behind bars as well as the terms of the house arrest he has spent the last four years under.

He was given 1.5 for one credit for the 59 days he spent in pre-trial custody, for a total of 88.5 days, which was rounded up to 90 days. O’Connell also gave him the equivalent of six months of jail time for the restrictive bail conditions he has faced.

Pelley was also given three years of probation, with conditions including that he not be alone with anyone under 18. That is a “highly prophylactic” measure, the judge said, noting he is not concerned that the Port Hope resident will reoffend.

Pelley was also given a 30-day concurrent jail sentence for a breach of recognizance charge related to him leaving his home without his surety and going somewhere he did not indicate he was going on Sept. 30, 2010 – a violation of his bail conditions.

Pelley declined to say anything when O’Connell gave him the chance prior to imposing the sentence, but said previously everything he has wanted to say has been communicated through his lawyer, Toronto-based Nadir Sachak.

Pelley was taken into custody by court security and was to be processed at Lindsay’s Central East Correctional Centre, where he will return next Tuesday to begin his sentence. He must surrender there each Tuesday by 10 a.m. and be released each Thursday by 6 p.m.

O’Connell said he imposed the intermittent sentence because to take Pelley out of the employment field “would be counter-productive to him.”

Court heard previously that the man operates an epoxy floor installation business he started in 2011, mostly on weekends. That’s when he would do most of his business as clients often have to shut down for the work, court heard.

The two charges, which carry maximum prison sentences of 10 years (sexual assault) and five years (gross indecency), relate to incidents two to three years apart in the mid to late 1980s.

The first was over-the-clothes sexual touching that took place as the victim slept in a bedroom when he was 15 or 16 years old.

In the second, Pelley came up with a ruse to get the then-18-year-old to allow him to inspect his genitals with a pencil in a church office.

Sentencing submissions were heard March 19, when Crown attorney Frank Giordano made his pitch for a “mid-to-upper reformatory sentence” – a maximum of two years less a day in jail.

The defence sought a sentence of two or three years of probation, but if a prison sentence was given, Sachak requested it be intermittent – three to six months in jail served during the week to allow Pelley to run his business.

Two men took the witness stand during the trial, which ran from Oct. 20 to 28, 2014. A publication ban prohibits publishing anything that could identify them.

A 35-year-old testified to having been sexually assaulted between the ages of 11 and 13 and a 43-year-old testified to having been sexually assaulted when he was 15 and 18.

Earlier in the trial, one count of sexual assault and an inviting sexual touching charge were dropped after O’Connell ruled he had no jurisdiction because the charges involved incidents that happened in the United States.

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  1. This piece of sh.. recently was found not guilty in Court last week on charges involving my son who at the time was 19 and is now 26. My son was given a noxious substance and sexually assaulted. It TRIGGERED Mental Health issues AFTER the SEXUAL assault. HE did not have any PRIOR Mental Health issues AND was NOT on any prescribed medications, also a life changing day to day lifestyle will be his life sentence. He did not ask for this. With the justice system knowing how to manipulate and confuse victims while giving testimony only to release the GUILTY known Pedophile back on the streets to repeat his behavior. Once a Pedophile always a Pedophile. As a Mother I would like to see these pedophiles castrated and tattooed on the forehead. I was not even notified of the trial. There were lies told about my son that I knew as a Mother were untrue. Does any of this matter now!! NO my son’s life is ruined along with so many other victims out there and he Clifton Pelley gets to go free. I sure hope there is KARMA. God be my strength.

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