Kenneth Paul Canning

SYDNEY — A Sydney man sentenced to prison for sex crimes involving young boys has been granted unescorted temporary absences by the National Parole Board.

Kenneth Paul Canning, 51, formerly of Atlantic Street, was granted three 48-hour absences and three 72-hour absences in a board decision dated April 29. The absences are for the purpose of assessment by two community-based residential facilities.

While Canning initially denied his involvement with the crimes, the board said he now accepts responsibility.

He is not to have any contact with his victims and he is not to be near areas where children under the age of 16 are like to be found. He is not to be in the presence of children under age 16 unless accompanied by a responsible adult. He is not to possess or access pornography or sexually explicit material and is not to possess a computer or technical device such as a cell phone, that would allow unsupervised access to the Internet.

Canning was handed a six-year prison sentence for offences including four counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual interference, two counts of invitation to sexual touching, two counts of indecent exposure, and acts of gross indecency. The male victims ranged in age from eight to 18. For four victims, the abuse occurred over several years.

At the time of that sentencing, the court was told Canning had underwent a sexual offender assessment profile which determined he had a strong attraction for pubescent boys who displayed signs of passive resistance

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  1. im glad he was finally caught and punished, he abused me for years when he resided in the pier, maybe i should of come forward years ago but the shame was too much to deal with at the time. should of gotten longer for his crimes but at least it was something

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