Cesar Lalo

Molester eligible for passes from halfway house

Published August 19, 2013 – 6:40am

The Parole Board of Canada has ordered child molester Cesar Lalo to stay in a halfway home for another six months, but the senior can now earn unsupervised overnight passes.

The former youth probation officer and child welfare worker served nine years in prison after being convicted of 34 sex-related charges connected to boys who had been in his care in the 1970s and ’80s.

Lalo was released to a residential facility in September 2009 but later returned to jail for six months when he broke a court order by possessing pornography.

He got out again in February 2012.

Correctional Service Canada recommended that Lalo remain in a halfway house for another six months but told the board he should be given overnight leave privileges “to allow three nights in the community,” the parole board’s decision said.

Lalo has never gotten back those privileges since his second release. Medical reports in 2006 and 2007 found he had a moderate and above-average chance, respectively, of reoffending after his release.

But his most recent assessment found that the risk of “sexual recidivism” for the 70-something man had dropped to between low and low-moderate, the decision said.

His clinician recommended Lalo be granted the overnight passes, the board said.

“In the board’s view, it is appropriate to reinstate leave privileges on a graduated basis, given the nature of your offending, your continuing treatment requirements and your past breach of conditions.”

Lalo has already been volunteering in the community with “no noted concerns,” the board said. He will be under a long-term supervision order until March 1, 2020, the longest a judge could impose.

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