1075 Kiss FM – Nov 18/09

A North Okanagan sexual offender is not ready to give up his legal fight.

58 year old Paul Robert Lepage (pictured) has given notice he’ll be appealing his 2008 conviction for kidnapping, drugging and sexually assaulting an 11 year old Armstrong girl in 2006.

Lepage is also appealing a decision last month by a BC Supreme Court Judge to declare him a dangerous offender which carries an indefinite prison sentence.

Crown lawyer Howard Pontious says he’s not surprised at the appeal, adding Lepage has always claimed he was innocent.

Lepage says in his application there was an “error in law” and he wants the conviction overturned.

No dates have been set for the case which will be heard in the BC Court of Appeal in Vancouver.

One thought on “PAUL ROBERT LEPAGE”

  1. This is my brothers fathers. I underwent 5-7 years of his sexual , emotional and physical abuse. I’m now 44 and am still suffering the effects. I would sincerely hope there is no chance of him getting his status overturned. It’s unimaginable to me just how many victims who’s lives he’s destroyed over the coarse of his lifetime. He absolutely deserves a dangerous offender status and to not have a chance to ever do these despicable things again.

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