Jeffrey Goddard

Jeffrey Goddard - Abbotsford News file photo


Jeffrey Goddard, 22, was let out of prison in February on statutory release after having served two-thirds of a 20-month sentence for charges related to his posing online as various personas – including a police officer, a teenage girl and a TV producer – to lure eight youths, ages 12 to 16.

He was re-arrested on Aug. 10 for four counts of breaching his probation after allegedly again posing online – this time as “Ryan Martin Stewart,” the supervisor of a landscaping company. He remains in custody.





Jeffery Goddard, 22
Crimes:  Invitation to sexual touching, communicating via a computer to lure a child, impersonating a police officer and two breach charges
Sentence:  2011, June – 20 months in prison + 3 yrs probation; ARRESTED AGAIN 2012, AUG – breach of probation
Location:  Abbotsford, BC
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  1. I babysat this creep for 2 years when I was a teenager.His father sexually assaulted me.Our “Justice” system sucks.They either let sex offenders walk or in Jeffery Goddard’s case keep letting him out EVEN THOUGH they KNOW he will re-offend.Makes me sick

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