BRANDON FRASER – Dec 15, 2007

A former Toronto police officer who admitted he had a sexual encounter with an underage boy before joining the force will serve the mandatory minimum 14 days in jail.

Brandon Fraser, 25, who was fired after serving as an officer for just seven months, was sentenced Wednesday by provincial court Justice Rebecca Shamai to 14 days in jail for having sex in 2009 with a youth who was either 14 or 15 years old.

He also received a year’s probation, must provide a DNA sample, and will be on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

He pleaded guilty to sexual interference Tuesday.

But the part of Shamai’s sentence that had observers in the courtroom taking notice was her “strong recommendation” that Fraser spend part of his 180 hours of community service speaking publicly about the pitfalls of sexual relations with underage partners.

Outside the courtroom Crown prosecutor Louise Collins said Fraser’s probation officer will be informed about the judge’s idea, and work with Fraser to figure out a way to make that happen.

Fraser’s lawyer Gary Clewley called the judge’s suggestion a good one, adding: “this is the classic case of conduct that can be avoided if the right message is sent out that (this behaviour) is not worth it … He (Fraser) lost his whole career over one encounter,’’ Clewley told reporters.

Court was told that before becoming an officer, Fraser, then 22, met a boy in 2008. They were found together in a parked car at mall at 1 a.m. by Peel police. The boy initially told police he was 17, but moments later revealed his real age was 14.

Fraser was warned by the Peel officers that it would be illegal if he and the boy had sex given their ages. No charges were laid.

Despite that warning, sometime between Jan 1. and June 2009 Fraser took the boy to his Toronto apartment and they had sex. The boy, who later revealed this encounter to police, but didn’t testify in court, was either 14 or 15 at the time — still under the age of consent.

The encounter came to light after Toronto police investigators looked into a sexual relationship that Fraser, who’d since joined the force, was having with a 17-year-old he’d met in 2010.

Police charged Fraser with sexual exploitation relating to that matter, but the prosecutor told the judge Wednesday that charge was withdrawn because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.


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